Golf Course and Practice Facilities Attire

Dress Code policies apply to the golf course, driving range and putting green. Appropriate foot wear is to be worn at all times. The use of non-metal spikes will be mandatory. Junior golfers, ages twelve and under, are permitted to wear tennis shoes. Flat soled shoes are permitted on the putting green. For men, appropriate shirts with sleeves and collars must be worn at all times. Turtlenecks are permitted, but no tee shirts or undershirts will be permitted as an outer garment. Appropriate slacks or Bermuda length shorts are required. Swim wear, cut-offs, tennis shorts, athletic shorts or jeans are not appropriate golf course attire. For women, appropriate golf skirts, Jamaica or Bermuda length shorts or slacks are appropriate. Swim wear, halter tops, strapless blouses, jeans, cut-offs or tennis attire are not appropriate golf course attire.



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