Frequently Asked Questions 



               Q: What is The University Club?

A: The University Club is a private golf club where members can enjoy tour caliber golf and come together as Tiger Fans in a great social atmosphere.  The club is the home for the LSU Men and Women's golf programs.  Your membership in the club will assist LSU in achieving national dominance in golf and developing young athletes into the future business men and women of tomorrow.

Q:  Does my membership give me an “equity” interest in the club?

A: No.  Membership to the club provides the right to use the clubs facilities but does not constitute an ownership or equity interest in the club or any of its facilities.

Q: Can I be assessed to cover improvements around the club or to cover any operating deficits?

A: Members cannot be assessed for any improvements or club deficits.  All capital improvements in the past or in the future have come from the partners or Tiger Athletic Foundation.

Q: Who owns the Club Facilities?

A: The Club is owned and managed by a corporation made up of LSU supporters. These partners strive to make The University Club one of the great facilities around.

Q: What is Tiger Athletic Foundation’s role in the club?

A: TAF’s main goal is to provide support and resources for LSU Athletics.  Since The University Club is THE HOME OF LSU GOLF, TAF is the Club’s biggest supporter and works hand in hand with our partners to continue to make The UC a quality home for the LSU golf teams and Alumni.

Q: Do I have to be LSU alumni to join?

A: No.  Memberships are offered to those interested in enjoying tour caliber golf and great fellowship.  While the club is associated with TAF and LSU, members are not required to be alumni of The University.  All applicants are subject to approval by the club.

Q: Do I have to be a member of TAF to become a member?

A: No.  All members who join The University Club will be required to make a contribution to TAF in the sum of $150.00 annually.  This contribution is allocated to support the Men and Women’s golf teams to assure their future success.  Those who fail to maintain their contribution level with TAF will forfeit their membership privileges in accordance with the Clubs Rules and Regulations.

            Q: What will I be required to pay to join the club?

A: Members will be required to pay a non-refundable initiation fee in an amount and manner determined by the club.  Please contact our membership office for the current membership fee for the listed classification of membership.  

            Q: How do I become a member?

A: Membership is subject to the approval of the club.  To become a member, you must submit to the club a fully completed and signed Membership Agreement and payment in the amount of the required membership initiation fee.  In the event your agreement is not acted upon favorably, the membership or initiation fee will be fully refunded without interest.

                Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please contact our membership director Frank Gumpert  by email [email protected] or phone. 225-819-9855

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